Art & Science at ISTA

Artist Residency

“Science is a fundamentally creative practice.”

Insights from the fields of basic research often take years until they reach the day-to-day of the general public. Therefore, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria opens itself up to a new generation of interdisciplinary collaborations: Convergences between Art, Science, Design and Technology create new discourse and access to cutting-edge 21st century science.

Once a year, ISTA offers creative professionals the opportunity to spend 3-6 months in intensive exchange with scientists from the institute, to work on exciting projects and to further develop their own concepts in the field of science and technology.

Artist Residency 2024

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) welcomes two new residents for the second round of the ISTA Artist in Residence program. The German conceptual artist Maximilian Prüfer and the Mexican former mathematician turned multidisciplinary artist Julia Carrillo will join the campus community from April to June 2024. They will exchange ideas and start exciting collaborations with ISTA researchers. Get to know these creative minds via these two portraits, in their own words here.

Review Artist Residency 2023

During the Artist Residency 2023, the artists Daniela Brill Estrada (COL) and Shailesh BR (IND) gained extensive insights into laboratories and research projects and, together with researchers from biology to soft matter physics, posed exciting questions. They translated excerpts of these exchanges into installations and research diary-like collages and installations that were on view in the exhibition Roots and Trajectories in July 2023.

Exhibitions like the final show of the Artist Residency not only help us to illuminate science from many angles and explore new potentials, but also reflect on the effects of science on our society and future.

Visit our exhibitions and ask yourself exciting questions about science and technology!