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FakeHunter - Workshop for school classes

  • teenagers
  • school classes
  • 14-19 years
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VISTA Science Experience Lab

Exposing fakes

In our workshop, students learn how to use social media more consciously! The focus here is on critically examining your own social media and checking the truthfulness of media content – debunking fakes and fake news is one of the focal points of this workshop. The starting point is always false reports from young people’s social networks (e.g. Instagram, TikTok). In the workshop, the young people learn why fake news is circulating, how they can recognize it and how they can deal with it in the future. Overall, they expand their skills to act informed and confidently in the digital world.

This workshop can be offered free of charge thanks to the support of the state of Lower Austria.


This workshop is designed for young people aged 14-19. Students do not need to bring anything to the workshop. We are happy to accommodate your needs regarding the time of the workshop!