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VISTA Christmas Science Show

Can a cucumber be a light bulb? Why do fireworks light up in different colors? And how do sparklers actually work? The first VISTA Christmas Science Show for you to watch.

The Cloud Scientists

The ISTA scientists Yi-Ling Hwong and Andrea Stoellner are cloud scientists

Selma is curious! - How are prostheses built?

How do prosthetic hands actually work and how are they made?

Super Smart! How Hot Is Cold?

Quantum computers like really low temperatures. That's why it's down to -273 degrees Celsius in the laboratory of Andrea Hofmann, a physicist in Klosterneuburg. That's colder than in outer space! But why is that?

Super Smart! How Strong Is Air?

Blowing out birthday candles is really easy. But how much distance is needed to ensure that no viruses land on the cake? But is it still possible to blow out candles from a distance of 3 meters?

Super Smart! How Bright Is Darkness?

Bernhard Weingartner explores the phenomenon of light with the help of neuroscientist Julia Michalska.

Virus Alarm in Stayhompton

By re-enacting the spread of a fictional virus in a city, explore and understand how viruses spread - and what can be done about it. This Content is available in German.

Gardening for Science

In one of the basements at ISTA, mutants are growing. But instead of monsters, these are small plants serving as living subjects for science. This is the realm of Dorota Jaworska, the Institute’s plant facility technician, taking great care of thousands of little experiments.