We support teachers

Ideas for teaching

  • Many of our researchers at ISTA have been inspired by science by a dedicated teacher. We want to support you in this inspiring work with teaching materials and training. Some of this content is only available in German.

Workshops For School Classes

In the VISTA Science Experience Lab we offer workshops for school classes from 2nd grade upwards. Here you can find information on which courses we offer with individual dates.

The Big Bone Hunt

In this project, the students take on the role of a paleontologist. They explore bones and consider what the animal might have looked like and in which habitat (water, air, land) it might have lived. This content is only available in german.


#STEMLooksLikeMe is a different kind of career orientation. With the help of photo portraits, students discover how diverse and interesting people are in professions in and around science. This content is only available in german.