Dive into the world of Neurobiology


How does our brain work?

Why do we not always think logically?

How can our senses be deceived?

These and many other questions are explored by students aged 14-16 at the Neuro-Science-Academy. In addition to exciting experiments, insights into current research and contact with scientists at ISTA, young people also receive support in working on their own projects – from finding a project idea to presenting the results.


In three semester blocks of five workshop days each and two summer weeks you will gain insights into the basics of neuroscience, learn about current methods of neuroscientific research and the relevance of neuroscience in everyday society. In addition to the technical content, the focus is on personal contact with scientists, independent research and experiencing Science as a process.

Block 1: This is Neuroscience

  • The human brain – basics and structure
  • Function and electrophysiology of the nervous system
  • Comparison of the nervous systems of the animal kingdom
  • How do our senses work, how can they be fooled?
  • Behavior: How much of our behavior is innate, how much learned?

Block 2: How Neuroscience works

  • Virtual Brain Lab – Tour through a virtual laboratory
  • Memory and Learning
  • Methods of Neuroscience
  • How does Science work?
  • Careers in Neuroscience

Block 3: Neuroscience & Society

  • Neurodiversity
  • Emotions and Cognitive Bias
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Art and Brain
  • Mental Health

Application & Detailed Information

For detailed information and the application process, check out the German version of this page!


Judita Huber

brings her research experience in neuroscience to the organization of science education and develops our Neuroscience Academy for young people