VISTA in a nutshell

Our Mission

“Without curiosity and creativity, research would be unthinkable”

Gaia Novarino, Neuroscientist and Vice-President for Science Education

People from over 80 countries work at ISTA. What they all have in common is their curiosity and enthusiasm for questions that do not have answers yet. Computers may be getting better and better at sorting and summarizing enormous amounts of data. But curiosity, asking novel questions, creative problem-solving, and genuine discovery remain deeply human characteristics.

We need to foster this unique ability to discover new things and work passionately on solutions for the future in as many people as possible – from kindergarten to old age.

Because we are convinced that a society that understands research and its processes, and trusts science, will not only be more successful economically, but will also be able to take on challenges more actively.

How VISTA operates

Our Goals

Excite  young people about science and  spark curiosity

Strengthen the dialogue between research and society

Promote understanding of science and make cutting-edge research accessible


The VISTA team includes experts from the sciences, education and design.

The VISTA Science Experience Center is coming!

In 2025, our Science Experience Center will open its doors directly on the ISTA Campus, offering space for ideas and science education.

Until then, our workshops take place in the VISTA Science Experience Lab.


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